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How we make your business evolve

The Mítikas' main focus is to support your company to improve the experience of your customers, partners and employees through immersive technologies generating a real and lasting results for the operation.

we dominate

VIRTUAL REALITY - VR is a rapidly growing technology and adoption in the market that can be easily accessed by customers. If you want to gain a technological advantage by improving the experience of your customers or your employees, we are here to do it.

AUGMENTED REALITY - AR allows us to add a layer of information to an existing reality. We use the latest technologies, building unique products and giving you an understanding about the version of "reality" that is already in your mind.

How we apply

the technology

Sales Process | beyond communication, AR and VR can be applied as an important step in the sales process, especially in the questions of experimentation and expansion of product portfolio in showroom for environments with restricted physical space;

Product Attributes | manuals, instructions, operations and maintenance, usually on paper, give way to interactive and smart mobile applications with environments and objects recognition that save time, increase productivity and provide an extraordinary experience;

Customer service and interaction with technical teams | the evolution of chatbots is in VR & AR. The technologies of artificial intelligence, natural speech recognition, text-to-speech and VR & AR raise the quality of interaction and relationship with customers to another level. Considering the current high level of objects and environment recognition, AR remote maintenance increase the solution capacity by reducing errors, time and risks;

Team Training | the immersive realities have proven extremely advantageous to reduce costs, time and risks, as well as increasing the absorption of knowledge and experience of employees for the most diverse situations.

Team Onboarding | it is known that the process of new employees onboarding has a direct influence on the speed with which the new member becomes productive, as well as on how will be established the emotional relationship with the comapny. VR & AR could accelerate this onboarding process by allowing an extraodinary experience that involves not only the collaborator, but also the family and nearly people.

Markets in which we have already developed projects

  • Financial / Banking

  • Industry

  • Retail

  • Services

AR & VR development services we provide

Consulting - we conduct an independent and internal analysis and research to define the best systemic solution in virtual and augmented reality to achieve your business goals;


Prototyping / Minimum Viable Product - we create prototypes & MVPs with minimal functionality required to validate your business idea;


Full solution development - with extensive experience in augmented and virtual reality, we provide complete end-to-end solutions that turn your idea / project into an ROI-based solution.


Maintenance and enhancement - with the continuous support of the delivered project, we extend the functionality to meet your needs and improve the customer experience.


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We are organized and methodical,
as well very creative.

We're nerds. We are geeks.
We master in technology.

We have one foot in the future and
another in results.


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Our expertise includes:


  • Constant research and development: we are always in search of new technologies, new ways of doing and applying;

  • We are passionate about the new that represents benefit and value for the present;

  • Actual outcome for the customer is critical! And with technology and innovation is even better!

  • proofs of concept and mockups;

  • agile development | internal processes that allow us to create and evolve projects quickly and without creative ties;

  • transparency in project management | clear timeline, checkpoints and validations;

  • continuous improvement - feedbacks and lessons learned from each project

  • 2D / 3D Asset creation - modeling

  • CAD / DCC conversion methods for interactive 3D applications

  • Rigging and Animation - developing interactive content

  • Development techniques dedicated to immersive content

  • Solutions with natural interfaces and easy interaction - user experience process

  • Mobile application development

  • Mobile platforms dedicated to AR and VR

  • Devices: HTC Vive, Oculus, HoloLens, GearVR

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